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7/15/10 01:37 pm - COMMENT IF YOU WISH TO BE ADDED~

...With some exceptions.
i.e. some of my updates are so utterly pointless, they are not even worth locking.
So, 'mostly Friends Only' is it then~

9/28/08 11:37 am - ASDFGHJASDFG


...and by that I mean an email from the head coach of our Uni's American Football team. =_= I totally forgot that Hita put our names on his list. *shudder* Does she want me to die that much? ;_____;

8/21/08 09:28 pm - Yahoo! ... :'D

Uuuurgh...so tired...spent the last two days running around banks/shops, phoning various places and buying overly expensive maths books >.>

But it's all okay, because I'm off to Spain in the morning~! Yahoo! XD Dragging Jenny along as well so it should be very fun :'D

Well, I better be off to bed! Have to be up reeeeeally early! See you in a couple of weeks!

6/5/08 10:47 pm - R.O.F: Read Or Fail

Woooo~ I made it just in time! My topics and texts exam is tomorrow morning. I had about 5 months to read 2 books for it. Instead I did it my way, lazied about for 4 months and 29 days and spent the whole of today 'just reading'. Now to get some sleep before I go blind.

Enjoy the most useful fire exit sign in the history of warehouses...Safety first, can you tell? ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

P.S. That owl is back and it sounds more terrifying than ever. Oh well, at least it's not attempting to steal my hat this time.

6/1/08 02:21 pm

Today is Mia's ultimate revision day! And yet, I'm on LJ... Just taking a break from practice exams. Just did a Core Maths one, got 90%. Can I do better at the real thing? Yes I can! (○^▽^○)

I better go back to studying then! I leave you with proof that I can as-a-matter-of-fact bake. Whether the result tastes nice or is poisonous is unimportant~

Too bad it's all gone now...I need some coffee.

5/23/08 08:30 pm

Waiting for my hair to dry and then it's off to Hita's to repack my bag a bit. Mhm, Expo's tomorrow.

Сдала два экзамена сегодня утром!☆ По крайней мере надеюсь что сдала! (._.) Следующие в очереди - математика-2 и пара русских письменных. Все три в первый понедельник после каникул. Надо заниматься \(>o<)/

4/10/08 08:46 pm - A day in the lives of 'No-good' and 'No-better'

Guh...I was going to update properly...but after dozing off while trying to type for the 10th time, decided that I can't be bothered.

I think this picture summarizes our day perfectly though, ne? looks like something from engrish.com XD

I think I need some coffee...
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